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     Brha application provides the service of combining the customer (customer) with transport drivers and heavy equipment from drivers (Dinat surfaces, Trailers, Tippers, Bullets....)

    And the driver serves that he does not need posters and writing on the walls and there are many groups or going to a rest and parking lot of trucks and equipment, causing traffic and waiting in the sun to search for customers and introduce his service and publish his number. The application is spread to all citizens, institutions and companies and they search for drivers with the click of a button

 Directly and shows them the driver's mobile number and location, which is a free application for the driver with the transport or equipment and for the customer

 The site is divided into three main sections:

A- The first section: Transport and Equipment Section: It shows all owners of transport and equipment and the customer enters and does a simple search in the top five boxes to search service type, vehicle type, region, city, neighborhood and shows him all drivers registered in that area.

B - The trips section shows the trips of drivers heading to a specific direction, for example, from Dammam to Jeddah, and it has room for download, and the customer can contact him and carry with him.

C - Transportation requests service: It is specific to customers. If he has goods and wants to transport them and does not find the appropriate means of transportation, he can present his request in this section to be contacted by one of the drivers heading to the same destination or a customer and participates with him in transportation to the same destination, and thus enjoys a lower cost for transportation.

Registration method:

       Choose a new registration and follow the instructions to be able to access the service you need. You enter the desired section and then a window opens for you to register the required data, and you can add vehicles according to your needs, or search on YouTube for how to register on the Brha Transportation website and find a full explanation with pictures

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